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Lack of required drawings

Lack of required drawings
   For many people, interior design combines with the beauty and style and visuals of the rooms. But the main backbone of a design project is its practicality. That is, the project should become practical in terms of living, movement, rational use of places, correct arrangement of furniture, quality of building and finishing materials, etc. It turns out that the lack of a preliminary design itself is a mistake. If the budget does not allow you to hire a good designer, then be sure to contact him for layout drawings (partitions, furniture, electrics, wet spots). If this is a new building, make repairs according to the developer's drawings, ask him for them, every developer has them. But they mostly only have furniture layout drawings. Even if you don't like the developer's layout, trust us, the repair will be much better and cheaper, than do it yourself. After all, each master will offer a favorable option for himself. 

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