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Independent apartment renovation

Independent apartment renovation

  This is when you start renovating for the first time and one of the family members (such as a wife or husband) assumes the responsibility of managing the process. The owners choose photos of beautiful rooms on the websites. They negotiate with the craftsmen for an acceptable priceŠ± by the recommendation of friends. Together with the workers, an estimate and an action plan are drawn up. If you want to make a lot of mistakes and rework in the process of repair then listen to your masters. Such "friendly" cooperation is costly for the customer, it's just that they don't discuss it openly afterwards, and many don't even know about it. Found beautiful repair pictures on Pinterest (or other sites) are presented to masters or foremen for implementing the desired true. And here it is irreparable, in fact, the customer forces the contractor to make a mistake and he agrees. But none of these parties are aware of this mistake. Few people know that no professional worker (or team) will start work without the appropriate blueprints and plan. Please note that for the finished renovation that you saw on Pinterest and you really liked it, just before the start of these repairs a lot of money and time was spent! You need to understand that a picture looks beautiful on Pinterest because there, before the repair, everything was calculated by centimeters, taking into account professional design, ergonomics (maybe together with anthropological data) etc. The completed design project can be compared to fingerprints, it is difficult to repeat it exactly. This requires an apartment that is absolutely identical in size and layout! 

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