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Inconsistency of doing work

Inconsistency of doing work
    There are many examples of errors that can occur when the work is done inconsistently. Often this sequence is individual for specific cases. But we will not consider all the errors, because the simple reader will not understand the essence of the errors without thorough explanations. The principle of conducting work technology consists from the sequence of works. For example, you cannot start tiling work in the bathroom until installing the electrical cable or do not begin to putty without priming the base, etc. But one can not, for example, to purchase finishing materials in advance until the layout of the rooms is finally known, since any spontaneous alteration entails high costs. 
    Here is just one example of the most common mistake in new buildings. As soon as the apartment renovation comes to an end, they buy an air conditioner and install it. Many have encountered inconveniences in this situation. In fact, the issue of installing the air conditioner is discussed with a specialist before starting the main repair work. Must carry out work to install drainage pipes inside the walls and if necessary (often needed), need to pre-install the copper pipes of the air conditioner. This is done in order not to spoil the repair later.

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