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Cheap apartment renovation

Cheap apartment renovation
    Many owners, especially newcomers, want to make apartment renovations cheap and high quality. These are conditions that are incompatible with each other. They find cheap craftsmens and buy cheap materials for work mostly with the assistance of these same craftsmens. Practice shows that it comes out cheap only when the work is done competently and high-quality (more expensive) materials are purchased. There are segments where you can buy budget material and there are those where it is unforgivable. Here are some examples:
  * cheap waterproofing will not stop the penetration of water and moisture into concrete;
  * after applying low-quality soil on the ceiling, a lot of paint is consumed to obtain the desired result;
  * high-quality paint is consumed much less than cheap paint and lasts much longer;
  * under the condition of a warm floor, you cannot use cheap glue without plasticizer for tiling.
   The list could be long. 

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