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Bathroom waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing

  After waterproofing the balcony, it is important to touch on the topic of bathroom waterproofing. In addition to protecting concrete surfaces, waterproofing a bathroom has a second purpose. This is to protect neighbors from an accidental flood. But the protection of concrete surfaces is the main purpose of waterproofing mixtures. After all, the concrete coverage gradually seeped by water is absorbed and becomes damaged over the years. This can lead to accidents. In addition, these mixtures prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. And it is very difficult to get rid of fungi, it is better not to bring the matter to this.

 Consider waterproofing the bathroom using the example of a new building object, that is, when the floor base is a sand cement screed. As already noted, for a better outcome of the quality of work, the correct selection of material is required. Waterproofing mixtures are of different types and are designed for different purposes.Amateur performance in this segment of work is prohibited, you must entrust the work to professionals. First you need to prepare the base of the floor and the sections of the walls where the mixture is applied. The base of the floor must be well cleaned of all kinds of debris and dust. If there are holes in the form of deep holes, they must be filled. In the same way, we prepare the sections of the walls where we are going to apply it. If possible, it is better to completely cover the walls with it, but this is not necessary. But it is necessary to raise the level of waterproofing by 10-20 cm from the floor. It would be nice to completely process the sections of the walls of the entire shower area. All prepared spots are then treated with a deep penetration primer for good adhesion. Select a waterproofing material based on the existing base. In this case, it is a cement screed. You can use a mixture, for example, on a cement or polymer base. For example, SL 17 by Isomat is a ready-made universal mixture (polymer-based) for waterproofing bathrooms and balconies. It is also good because it is suitable for the following types of bases: concrete, plaster, gypsum-cardboard sheets, wood, and metal. And with all the listed types of base, it has excellent adhesion and vapor permeability. Just do not apply it to surfaces that are under constant water pressure. Before starting the application, it is necessary to reinforce the corners of the abutments of the floor and walls with a special tape. This is done to completely encapsulate the bathroom from the living area, and to prevent water from entering the living area. After the corners are reinforced, the first layer of waterproofing is applied. It is applied with a brush, flat brush, or roller, but must be applied in one direction (back and forth). After the first has dried, the second layer is applied in the perpendicular direction of the first. This cruciform method of application excludes the omission of untreated areas because we are talking about micro-holes in the already coated layer. Unfortunately, such a small hole of the size of a needle's eye can be a good conductor of water into the concrete covering. If it is required to apply the mixture completely to any (or all) section of the wall, then first of all we complete the application of the mixture on the walls, without considering the mentioned lower section along the entire perimeter, 10-20 cm high. Then you need to start decorating the walls with tiles. The floor should be treated with a waterproofing layer only after finishing the walls with tiles, except for the bottom row. As a result, our floor will look like a basin or a pallet with sides. That's it, then you can continue to lay tiles. There are also many different nuances in this niche, which depend on the purpose of the waterproofing and other factors. But this is already the prerogative of specialists in this profile.

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