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16 years

in the renovation and finishing business

60-70 days

on average to complete a turnkey apartment renovation

9 years

minimum professional experience of our craftsmens


completed apartment renovations of different types in Batumi

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Supervise renovation works remotely

Watch the progress of your apartment’s renovation in real time from anywhere in the world.



Work on your repair in 6 steps

Step note


Request for services and full consultation

After your request, we will examine the site and provide you with useful information, including our price policy and working method.


Coordination and approval of works cost and timing

Having coordinated all details related to the contract, payment method, work schedule, completion date, lists of construction materials, we sign a contractor agreement.


Approval of your design project

After drawing up a measurement plan, our designer will proceed to developing an object design together with you in an online group. You will be able to adjust all project details to your preferences.


Conducting renovation works

Straight after preparing a drawing with partition walls, we proceed to renovation works, delivering them on stage-by-stage basis. Upon completion of roughing works, we proceed to finishing works according to the design project.


Monitoring of works and used materials

All works conducted at your site will be documented. In addition, you will be receiving video and photo reports on purchased construction and finishing materials.


Acceptance of completed works

After the renovation is complete, you will need to visit us and accept the works in the form of acts of acceptance.

The free departure of the master on object

You can call in our employee and receive excellent counseling in place. Our specialist will introduce you to many details of the upcoming project.

Questions and answers

most often we are asked the following questions:

What is rough/fine finish in a newbuild?
In Georgia, objects are delivered or offered for sale with either rough or fine finish. Fine finish means rough interior finish (plaster, floor screed), with a layout of sewerage, water supply, heating and electrics.Rough finish includes only unfinished partitions (if any) without any finishing works.
Your presence is not critical while works are underway (however, you need to be present for site takeover) – thanks to our online cooperation algorithm.
This is a remote way of cooperation and work that has long been tested by our company and over time improved for the owner’s maximum convenience. The entire process and each step, from contract signing to the selection of lamps, takes place online in a WhatsApp or Bitrix24.CRM group, with detailed photo and video reports of the works and purchased materials.
Certainly. We have long been using this method with our customers. Such a contract has full legal effect and is no different from a physically signed contract.
By default, our contractor’s agreement envisages three-stage payment to make the customer feel comfortable. Accepting each stage of works, the customer makes payment for the next stage.
We draw up a very thorough and detailed contract to address the owner’s interests as far as possible. There are penalties for failure to deliver the renovation works within the period specified in the contract. All payment and work execution stages are transparent, making it possible for the customer to make amendments to the project or terminate cooperation with the contractor anytime.
If you mean the so-called pitfalls – no way. However, in case you wish to change or add something yourself, you will have to pay extra.
Yes, we provide a full drawings package for each segment of works along with 3D visualization.
We offer three classifications of material quality. We thoroughly explain it when consulting the customer on this matter. In the process of works, we document each purchase in every detail by means of consignment notes, receipts etc., as well as video and photo reports.
We have nothing against developers and you are free to order renovation works from them, though it is a very long story we do not want to deal with. Judging from our experience in the CIS, Europe and in Asia, we can only note that the situation is pretty much the same in each country.
Generally yes, though we do consider orders in other parts of Georgia, depending on order details that could be of interest to us.
When estimating general renovation work, take into account the area of the balcony is generally accepted. This is a convenient method, since as an the indicator of the total area of the object is always more accessible and visual. Among our contractors it is offered by default. More precisely, this is the average price of renovation work on a living area, which contractors have taken out over the years. Therefore, this is an accurate, but in terms of area, a conditional price, which is calculated for the renovation of the living area of an apartment (without a balcony and with a balcony), but when deriving the final price, the area of the balcony is also taken into account. This does not mean that the contractor is misleading you or wants to get more benefit from you. Otherwise, the contractor would initially have removed the balcony area from the contract and would have raised the price of common works for 1 sq.m.

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